Announcing our Beta

Feb 8, 2019 Vasil Zidrovski
2 min read

Creating project proposals is a time consuming job, every time. It just doesn't matter if you are preparing your first one or have years of experience doing that.

The Problem

This was happening to us for years, thinking "there's a pattern, just replace a few paragraphs, and there's the new proposal in a minute". Send it, and never get an answer from a potential client. It simply doesn't convert.

You're not sure if the potential client opened it in the first place. Then it may have spelling errors created in the moment when you were thinking you'll do it in a minute. Or maybe it wasn't customized enough, it is too generic. People want to know that you spent time and focused on it. No good things happen when you do a boring task.

The Opportunity

We used a lot of the services that try to solve this issue, most of them do their job well, but none covered all our needs. And that's ok, 100% match is impossible.

So we decided to create our own solution and share it with everyone that finds it useful, everyone that thinks our solution matches best with their needs.

Following the idea of proposals that close and save us time in the process.

It should do two things that were very important to us:

  • Increase proposal closing rate - by providing detailed insights, building blocks that fit our needs to create the proposal, native feeling as most popular editors, engage both sides when needed, have reusable components and being printer-friendly
  • Save time - should be fast and simple to use, each action should be easily accessible, reuse old proposals and integrate with other solutions

Start A new beginning

The Solution

Fast forward a few months, a lot of research and work and Nulius was born.

Today we are releasing our beta version with a set of features following the idea of proposals that close and save us time in the process.

So this is an open call to all of you sales people, virtual assistants, translators, web and mobile developers, writers, social media managers, call-center representatives, graphics and web designers to try Nulius and provide us much valuable feedback and help us shape it by your needs.

We're offering a year of our Pro plan for free for everyone that will sign up during our beta phase.