Generate leads and land better deals - a task made easy

June 10, 2021 Aneta Pejcinoska
4 min read

Your ultimate goal right now is to generate leads and land better deals for your enterprise SaaS product. That’s what brought you to our article, and after reading it, you’ll become an expert. In the following, we will present to you the best tips and tricks that will help you reach among the best ones in your field!

To navigate and close a SaaS deal can be quite a long process. It can be quite exhausting actually. But, with time and lots of practice, you’ll be able to do it faster. At the end of the day, the feeling that comes with closing the deal is indescribable. A true victory, to say at least!

Selling to enterprise companies

In every sale, there is, the start-off point is the level of confidence you give out. Everybody must start somewhere, and sometimes it’s better to start off small and grow over time. When you’re selling small, you need to enhance the features of what you’re selling. In other words, you need to emphasize all the upsides of the products.
When you’re selling to enterprise companies, on the other hand, it’s all about shifting the attention away from all the possible downsides. Sure, you can talk about the benefits, but focus on the second one more.
Once you get into the enterprise waters, make sure that you get that nice flow of the deals. Even better - find a plan and strategy that works the best and try implementing it in every deal in the future. Over time, try to make a better version of it.

Generate Leads and Land Better Deals - A Task Made Easy

Get well-known amongst potential clients

A great way to get the attention of prospects is by getting your name out there. A great way to do so - have a great article about you written and published in a well-read magazine with a good reputation. It is a great way to make all the future potential clients interested in you, and a great way to make them take the first step towards you.

Before doing so, you need to do research:

  • What do your potential clients read
  • The most read magazines
  • Subjects that spark an interest
  • A catchy headline
  • Valuable information
  • Find a reputable magazine

Prove them that you’ve done your homework!

You might be familiar with whitepapers. A researched report on a very specific topic - A.K.A. your homework. We’re putting it this way because a high-quality whitepaper will require both your time and knowledge. But, it will do wonders for you!
Are they interesting to read? No, not at all. But, are they highly valued among prospects? They sure are!

Industry events check-in!

It’s a great way to meet prospects of the field you work in. They are more approachable, and so are you. The industry events are a great way to land a deal, or to open it at least! You mustn’t expect to close the deal by the end of the event, that’s not why those gatherings are for. But, with a great plan, you can catch the eye of many future clients.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Carefully choose the industry event you’re about to attend
  • Make it clear why you’re there
  • Offer something valuable and make the prospect interested

Identifying the prospects

You’ve got the deal, so it’s on. Now, how do you close it?
A great start is to know the type of prospect sitting in front of you. Briefly, there are:

  • The influencer - doesn’t have the final say, but influences the person who does
  • The gatekeeper - the tough one! Once a red flag is shown, the deal is off

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Be patient and be careful

Enterprise deals are one of the longest ones out there. That’s why you need to be patient in this field. There are cases where, after a long time of negotiating, the deal suddenly goes off. All that time - wasted. But that’s an outcome you need to be prepared for as well.

We hope that you’ve found the tips mentioned above helpful, and they gave you better knowledge and understanding in generating leads and landing better deals in the future.