What have we been up to

Apr 26, 2019 Vasil Zidrovski
2 min read

It's been a bumpy three months. A lot of fails, a lot of progress, and a lot of people involved. We went on this journey with a clear idea and we are so glad that we're on the same page with all of those people. Reaching a mature phase with our idea is all their fault.

Let's see some statistics about this period:

  • 528 users used Nulius
  • 1439 proposals created
  • $2,900,000+ won
  • A bunch of time saved

What has changed in the meantime?

  • We decided to offer two plans, both of them having the same features, but the second one allows you to have a team of up to 5 users
  • We've got GDPR compliant, your data is not a joke to us
  • A lot of improvements and features like white label, teams, content library, reports, just to mention a few...
  • More details added on the website and a quick explainer video

Project proposal

We'll be working closely with our users and preparing the roadmap in the next period, so make sure you hop on and vote for your favourite new feature.

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